NEET-11th-Eng+Tamil(Alpha Batch)

Welcome to the Alpha Batch of 11th NEET Online Course.

Students enrolling for the course would get the CONCEPTREE Digital Full NEET Program access FREE of Cost.

Medium of instruction would be English with explanations of concepts in Tamil for better understanding.

There is a FREE Trial period of 2 weeks before you can make up your mind for the payment.

Weekly there will be schedule of 6 hours of teaching ( 2 hours Biology, 2 hours Chemistry, 2 hours Physics)

Course commences from July 1st, 2020 and conclude by the end of Feb, 2021 (Around 8 months duration)

The detailed schedule of sessions given inside the course modules.

Scholarships/ Fee Discounts are available based on the Scholarship Tests conducted by CONCEPTREE Digital Team/CONCEPTREE learning Team.

For any clarifications or support call 9962026030 or write to us


Course Content